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PacMaze, Pacman-like arcade game.

The full version offers 80 mazes with power shields, freeze bonuses, magic bridges and other features.

FREE trial version of PacMaze: Download Now!

Game Overview
Welcome to the wonderful world of PacMaze. Enjoy the REAL 3D scene and professionally animated characters in this Pacman-like arcade game.
Lead your Pac hero through the maze and collect crystals, but caution: bad opponents try to stop you.
The full version offers 80 mazes with power shields, freeze bonuses, magic bridges and other features. You will enjoy 3D graphic effects and wonderful music score. Select your hero for a great journey: PacBoy or PacGirl. Play through level after level, battle wily monsters (bloodless-for the kids) and win!
Unleash the power of your video accelerator and bring the stunning graphics to your computer. This game the best in strategy with hand eye coordnation and vivid graphics. Good, clean fun for all the family.
Game Features
Real 3D graphics Cool music score Joystick support
Save/Load support User-friendly interface Install/uninstall support
Lifetime technical support …and much more.
Game Rules
The object of the game is to collect all of the crystals on each level. This task is complicated by a group of wily monsters. If a monster touches you, you lose one life. Luckily, on some levels there are power shields you can collect. Each shield lasts a certain length of time before disappearing, and while you have it, you kill every monsters you come into contact with.
You can find a magic signs in PacMaze. Just go over it and you will switch a magic bridge on! It helps you to get to a close parts of PacMaze. Also each level has a time limit.
These items appear on the playing field occasionally, and are well worth picking up!
Score bonus. These just increase your score.
Life bonus. A free life! Time bonus. Gives you an additional 30 seconds. Freeze. Puts the monsters to sleep in 5 seconds. Shield. Gives you an ability to kill monsters in 5 seconds.
Each monster has its own technique for chasing you.
Learning these can help you avoid them. Some bonuses fall down on the same places to help you.
System Requirements
3D graphics card DirectX 7.0 or higher Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8 Processor 300 MHz or higher 32 MB RAM
Download Overview
You can download a FREE trial version of PacMaze. The program is a self-extracting executable file “PacMaze 4.00 Setup.exe” (file size is about 2.3 MB).
The downloaded program needs to be set up. Simply run it to begin the installation process. Follow instructions. Have a good fun with our game!
Registration Overview
PacMaze is distributed on a shareware basis. You can register your copy at a low cost
On payment approval, we will send you the registration key
which removes all limitations in the game.
Online Ordering
You can purchase PacMaze online. Payment by credit card is the fastest and easiest way. All registrations use the SECURE protocols.
It is impossible for a third part to intercept your credit card information.